Virtual Bellhop® Luggage Delivery

Virtual Bellhop In the press

“saves the time and hassle of check-in and baggage collection”

“allowing you to leave the heavy lifting to someone else.”

“a simple service: They take care of your luggage from door to door”

“experience with Virtual Bellhop included “Lots of hand-holding”

International Luggage Delivery Service

The world’s leading luggage delivery service is at your fingertips. Get more and pay less with this revolutionary alternative to checking baggage with the airlines. Luggage delivery has never been more affordable, reliable, convenient, and predictable with Virtual Bellhop’s innovative cruise ship luggage delivery service. Virtual Bellhop conveniently ships luggage to cruise lines around the world so you can pack all you want and know your luggage will be awaiting your arrival in your stateroom. Learn more about Virtual Bellhop’s cruise ship luggage delivery options. Learn more about shipping luggage internationally.

Cruise Ship Baggage Delivery Experts

Virtual Bellhop has a comprehensive suite of luggage delivery capabilities specifically designed to reliably and cost effectively deliver your baggage directly to or from any cruise line, anywhere in the world. Virtual Bellhop has teamed up with virtually every cruise line to ensure a seamless luggage delivery process regardless of where you’re cruise. We encourage you to learn more about our cruise ship luggage shipping capabilities and what sets us apart from other providers including our industry leading on-time guarantee, transparent pricing, and extensive online capabilities. Learn more about cruise ship luggage delivery.

About Virtual Bellhop

Virtual Bellhop launched in 1999 as one of the first providers of door-to-door transportation of baggage, sports equipment, business materials or anything that a traveler might check onto their flight. With the growing complexity of dealing with checked items at the airport, The Virtual Bellhop Service is extremely timely, easy to use and provides for the elimination of checked baggage procedures.

By accessing the Virtual Bellhop service on the web, or calling travel agent, a customer service representative will walk you through the steps necessary to allow you to travel baggage free. Your luggage is picked up at your front door, (home or office), and your items delivered to your final destination whether a hotel, resort, condo, or private residence. You do not have to package your items, weigh them or fill out any complicated freight documents. Everything is taken care of from your front door to your destination.

Virtual Bellhop + Luggage Forward

Luggage Forward acquired the Virtual Bellhop brand in 2009. The result of this acquisition by the world’s leading luggage delivery service is a vast increase in capabilities and improved pricing for clients. Get started with your luggage shipment today!

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